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Opera 10 arrives

September 1, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

“Opera, on Tuesday, released the final version of the browser – Opera 10. One of the novel cosmetic changes in this version of Opera is the Visual Tabs. Wrapped in a fresh look and promising faster web experience.

This final build of Opera 10 brings several reasons to use the browser or at least give it a try. Cosmetically, Opera 10 looks sleek and renders the web pages faster. Here’s a quick look at the features offered in Opera 10:

Opera Turbo:
Based on Opera’s new data and image compression technology, Opera Turbo promises to offer increased Internet browsing experience without any hiccups. Opera’s Proxy servers are used for data and image compression for managing the Internet bandwidth
to suit the users’ needs even at crawling network speeds.
Inline Spell check:
Spelling errors can now be corrected quickly since Opera 10 shows dotted lines for all text input fields giving an option to fix it. The spell checker can be disabled or re-enabled from the context menu, which shows up after right-clicking to a text field and uses US English dictionary by default.
Configurable Speed Dial:
Speed dial is an array of configurable shortcuts that allows storing directly access to favorite web pages from 4 to 25 boxes. Also, users can add custom background of their choice in the Speed Dial page.
Faster rendering engine:
New Opera Presto 2.2 engine in Opera 10 is claimed to be 40 per cent faster on resource intensive pages such as Gmail and Facebook. Opera boasts this browser to be ready for next generation of web applications.
Visual Tabs:
The Tab bar of Opera 10 can show thumbnails of the open pages in the form of visual tabs. Also, the tab position can be changed by right-clicking on the Tab bar and choose Tab Bar Placement to place in on Top, Bottom, Left or Right.
Auto Update:
From now on Opera 10 will automatically download all the future updates from Opera as and when they’re made available. There’s also a feature to automatically install updates.


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