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13 + 13 things that do not make sense

September 3, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

In 2005, Michael Brooks of Newscientist wrote an article about 13 of the most perplexing things observed by humans, mostly about the Space. They were:

    1. The placebo effect
    2. The horizon problem
    3. Ultra-energetic cosmic rays
    4. Belfast homeopathy results
    5. Dark matter
    6. Viking’s methane
    7. Tetraneutrons
    8. The Pioneer anomaly
    9. Dark energy
    10. The Kuiper cliff
    11. The Wow signal
    12. Not-so-constant constants
    13. Cold fusion

Yesterday, he has come out with another list of 13 more things that mystifies us. These are:

    1. Axis of evil
    2. Dark flow
    3. Eocene hothouse
    4. Fly-by anomalies
    5. Hybrid life
    6. Morgellons disease
    7. The Bloop
    8. Antimatter mystery
    9. The lithium problem
    10. MAGIC results
    11. The elusive monopole
    12. Noise from the edge of the universe
    13. Voodoo death

Quite intriguing topics, these are. Click on the links have a look if your’e interested.

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