Is the OLED TV dead?

February 22, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

“Sony recently announced it would halt sales of its 11″ OLED TV in Japan, where the panel first debuted. For now, the XEL-1 will remain on sale in the US and other markets, but Sony’s decision to kill the unit in its home market and reduce the rate at which it’s investing in future OLED TV development has been perceived in some corners as a judgment on the long-term feasibility of OLED technology.

In the wake of Sony’s announcement, far too many pundits have rushed to declare OLED panels dead, dying, moribund, or otherwise abandoned. However, it seems more likely at this juncture that we’ll see development focus shift from large panel sizes to smaller ones, particularly since the smartphone/handheld OLED market is growing briskly and larger screens are inherently more prone to defects. Sadly, this means that your chance of traipsing home with a truly cutting-edge display before 2014 or so could be pretty minimal.”


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