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A Cloud-Based Music Repository Unveiled for Android

“In the race to make music accessible from anywhere, MSpot’s music service has a somewhat novel approach: Don’t sell anything, yet, and don’t sign any major label deals.

Instead, the service allows people to upload their music — be it purchased, ripped or downloaded for free — and access it from any Mac, Windows or Google Android device. MSpot’s model avoids the stumbling blocks of licensing deals which have repeatedly delayed the release of a U.S. version of Spotify — a paid, streaming music service that’s immensely popular in Europe.

MSpot is currently in private beta mode, but users can request invites on the company’s website to try the web and/or Android version.

The way it works is simple: Rather than trying to recognize the music files on your computer and replicate it in the cloud, which would likely invite licensing issues with the labels, MSpot literally uploads your music collection from iTunes, Windows Media Player, and/or any folders you specify — maintaining any ratings and metadata you may have set up in iTunes by scanning its XML database. The upload process takes at least several hours depending on processing power and connection speed, but once it’s there, you’re good to go.”


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