Six Must-Have Android Apps

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

“3,00,000 Android phones are unsealed and started every day. That’s a heck a lot of progress for a mobile operating system just a little over two years old. One of the selling points of Android has been its open nature, due to which developers have had a free hand at making apps without a cranky old nanny governing it.

Although the Android store is roughly a third the size of the Apple App Store, that’s still over a lakh applications we can choose from. Trying out new apps and games have become a good pass time. But this frenzy of installing apps like crazy is often followed by that one day where you want to shed the app-fat off your phone.

But then there are those apps that you just want to keep, forever. Here’s a list of our favorite apps that we use on a regular basis. ”


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