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Google Chrome To Drop Support For H.264

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

“Google just made a bold move in the HTML5 video tag battle: even though H.264 is widely used and WebM is not, the search giant has announced it will drop support for the former in Chrome.

The company has not done so yet, but it has promised it will in the next couple of months.

Google wants to give content publishers and developers using the HTML5 video tag an opportunity to make any necessary changes to their websites.

Here’s the current state of HTML5 video: Microsoft and Apple are betting on H.264, while Google, Mozilla, and Opera are rooting for WebM. Although Internet Explorer 9 supports H.264, excluding all other codecs, Microsoft says it is making an exception for WebM, as long as the user installs the corresponding codec. Google developed WebM, but made an exception for H.264, until today’s announcement.

Meanwhile, Mozilla and Opera refuse to provide support for H.264 because the H.264 patent license agreement isn’t cheap.”


Update: Do not miss Microsoft evangelist Tim Sneath’s response to Google’s decision in his blog titled ‘An Open Letter from the President of the United States of Google’.

Update: Opera Welcomes Google’s Move To Drop H.264 Support

Update: Google’s dropping H.264 from Chrome a step backward for openness – ARS

Update: Google tries to elaborate on their stance in their Chromium Blog

Update: Google Says WebM Plugins Coming Soon For Safari And IE9

Update: Google Drops H.264 in Chrome; What Does it Mean?

Update: Microsoft releases H.264 plugin for Chrome; IE9 WebM video via plugin

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