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Motorola Atrix – A Review

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

“Saying that the Motorola Atrix is the best Android phone isn’t a big deal; that throne gets usurped every few months. But even though the Atrix’s accompanying laptop dock is slow and and expensive, the idea behind it is one of the first innovations in mobile technology in quite a while.

Sure, the Nexus S might be the definitive Android experience because it’s Google’s chosen benchmark device, but the Atrix is faster and better and can Optimus Prime into a netbook. No other smartphone, Android or otherwise, can do this.

This is the feature that I think will inspire its competitors. Rather than turn your attention to your phone when something happens—as you do now—your phone is in your computer. It let’s you keep our attention focused. There’s zero delay and everything feels completely natural. I want to be able to dock an iPhone into a MacBook Pro, or a Windows Phone into any Windows 7 machine and have the interface there as a window. I want this thing now.”


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