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Windows Phone 7 Update: Everything Goes Wrong

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

“It’s amazing. Given the importance that Microsoft’s smartphone platform should have—not to mention the uphill struggle it faces against the iPhone and Android juggernauts—one would have thought that the company would make sure that delivery of the first patch was rock solid and reliable.

After all, robust, universal patching is one of the big advantages of Microsoft’s platform over Google’s Android. Microsoft’s locked down hardware requirements, in conjunction with its centralized patch distribution and offical (albeit carefully-worded) statements to say that all devices would be “eligible” for updates, should have given Microsoft an almost Apple-like patch process: uniform availability, regardless of carrier, regardless of OEM, regardless of model. And because every phone is running the same software, well, it should all just work, shouldn’t it?

Alas not. Monday, Microsoft started rolling out the first update to Windows Phone 7. The company was non-specific about the purpose of the update; it’s not the copy-and-paste update that will be shipped next month, but rather an update to somehow improve the update process. Presumably to ensure that the company can keep on top of any issues that arise, the patch’s roll-out has been staggered; none of the handsets I have in hand have shown the update to be available, but many others have installed it already.

Sounds simple. Except it doesn’t actually work.”


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