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Voltitude: The Swiss Army Knife of Electric Scooters

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“Not that this Volitude scooter has a corkscrew or knife tools—though you could certainly DIY with a few carefully-placed Victorinoxes.

Instead, the Swiss-made scooter unfolds in just a second, ready for 18 miles of carefree scooting.

It takes four hours to charge it fully for those 18 miles of whizzing, but there’s also a slower “walk” pace that can be activated with a press of a button on the handlebar.”


Fiskar’s 88: A Concept of the Non-scissor Kind

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“There are headphone amplifiers, and then there’s Fiskar’s 88.

Designer Edouard Urcadez took the liberty of utilizing the Fiskar brand on this here concoction, which features an unorthodox form factor, larger-than-life volume / tone knobs, an array of rear outputs and a Made in Finland badge.

There’s no theoretical specifications to simmer on, but the inclusion of speaker outputs leads us to believe that we’re looking at a dual-stage amp or one with far more power than most headphone pushers.”

Isobutanol: A Biofuel More Potent than Ethanol

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“Researchers say they have developed a method of using bacteria to convert decaying grass directly into a compound known as isobutanol, which can be burned in regular car engines with a heat value higher than ethanol but similar to gasoline.

The research could mean great savings in processing costs and time, plus isobutanol is a higher grade of alcohol than ethanol, according to the Department of Energy’s BioEnergy Science Center (BESC) and its Oak Ridge National Laboratory where the research is being done. Using a bio break-down method known as consolidated bioprocessing, a research team led by James Liao of the University of California at Los Angeles for the first time produced isobutanol directly from cellulose, the DOE said in a release.

“Unlike ethanol, isobutanol can be blended at any ratio with gasoline and should eliminate the need for dedicated infrastructure in tanks or vehicles,” said Liao, chancellor’s professor and vice chair of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. “Plus, it may be possible to use isobutanol directly in current engines without modification.””

Make Yourself a 1 Megawatt Laser Pulse Pistol

March 10, 2011 7 comments


“German hacker Patrick Priebe recently constructed a laser pulse gun that looks so good, it could have easily come off a Hollywood movie set. Its sleek white and black exterior adds intrigue, but offers little warning as to how powerful the gun actually is.

Fitted with a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, it fires off a 1 MW blast of infrared light once the capacitors have fully charged. The duration of the laser pulse is somewhere near 100ns, so he was unable to catch it on camera, but its effects are easily visible in whatever medium he has fired upon. The laser can burst balloons, shoot through plastic, and even blow a hole right through a razor blade.

Patrick says that he is more than happy to help out anyone looking to source parts and build one for their own use, so what are you waiting for?”


Start Saving Money on Your Car Fuel

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“If you’ve filled up your tank recently you know the price of gas has skyrocketed, hitting new average highs across the country.

Don’t panic!

Just use this comprehensive guide and you’ll cut the cash you’re sending to big oil in no time.



iPad 2 – A Review

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“So this new model, a thinner, sleeker, faster variant of the original may not be breaking lots of new ground, but it’s already at the front of the pack. But is the iPad 2 worth an upgrade for those that took the plunge on the first generation? More importantly, does the device have what it takes to bring new owners into the fold? Those questions — and more — are all about to be answered in the full Engadget review, so read on!”