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PopDrive: A RAIDed Backup Solution

“Two backups are better than one. It’s the only principle geeks follow more closely than the Prime Directive.

Back up your data to one drive, and make the second drive into an exact duplicate of the first — voila, a backup of a backup. In IT parlance, this is known as a redundant backup, and the most popular system for handling it is called RAID, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks.

The PopDrive from DHK Storage intends to be one of the first inexpensive, consumer-level RAID drives. It comes with two separately packaged, Western Digital 2.5-inch hard drives, like those found in notebooks. The package with two 500-GB hard drives will cost you $250, for two 750-GB drives, you’ll pay $350.

You also get both a USB 2.0 cable and an eSATA cable. The drives, which pop into the two retractable slots on the PopDrive’s aluminum case, are hot swappable when using the eSATA cable, but not when using USB. Unfortunately, most computers these days don’t have the faster eSATA ports, but for those that do, the throughput performance is blazingly fast — you’ll get 3 gigabits per second over eSATA versus USB 2.0’s 480 megabits per second.”

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