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The Secret and Secure Internet Bunkers

“All-out war remains a fairly unlikely scenario, but should the clock ever strike midnight we may well discover, finally, whether or not the Internet really could survive a nuclear conflict.

If it could, then a handful of datacenters dotted around the world would likely to be all that remains of the multi-billion-pound hosting industry.

These secretive, high-security sites, tunnelled out of mountains or housed behind the blast-proof doors of one-time Nato bunkers, are home to the planet’s most secure hosting providers.

A hidden world of reinforced doors, concrete floors 5ft thick and walls lined with welded-seam steel to reflect the electromagnetic pulse of a thermonuclear explosion.

Once a critical hub in the US Government’s communications network, the bunker formed part of a chain of underground transmission sites. Now it’s home to the USSHC, also known as the US Secure Hosting Center.

The vault doors that seal off the silo were built to withstand the blast effects, heat and 800mph-plus winds of a 20-megaton nuclear blast, but the technology they now protect was barely dreamt of when they first swung open.”

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