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About Turn: Putting a Phone in a Camera

“Being passionate about photography, there are several questions we have asked ourselves for quite some time:

Why cameras today still look like they did 60 years ago?
Why does my camera not help me on the way to becoming a better photographer?
Why is it not possible to share an image taken right there and then from the camera over a social network?
Why are our cameras not expandable through apps in the same way as our mobile phones are?

We set out to find the answers to these and many other questions and wrote about them at length in our blog posts describing highlights from our market and user research findings, as well as the point of view that we generated based on these.

We felt compelled to look some three to four years into the future and rethink a camera for “the rest of us” – neither professionals nor point-and-shooters – the ones that the industry calls “prosumers”.

We aimed to design a platform for aspiring photographers that facilitates the taking of the “perfect picture” and that allows the user to grow, experiment and develop their skills.

We did this in the form of a “what if” product design concept, whose purpose it is to excite, inspire and to provoke both potential users, as well as the rather stagnant photography industry.

With these things in mind, we set out to create what we call “Camera Futura”, a concept that:

  1. features a patent-pending innovative product architecture
  2. leverages the power of a true mobile software platform
  3. connects people for sharing and collaborating”

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