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LPS Developing Nuclear-Power For Cars

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“Some proposed technological innovations seem so far out that they are easy to reject out of hand. But sometimes, a new idea has a kernel of plausibility. Such is the case with a new project to develop a thorium laser power generation system that its creator says could provide electricity for the grid, stand-alone power applications and even cars.

Charles Stevens, an inventor and entrepreneur, recently revealed that his Massachusetts-based R&D firm, Laser Power Systems (LPS), is working on a turbine/electric generator system that is powered by “an accelerator-driven thorium-based laser.” The thorium laser does not produce a beam of coherent light like conventional lasers, but instead merely heats up and gives off energy.

Thorium, a silvery-white metal, is a mildly radioactive element (with an atomic weight of 90) that is as abundant as lead. It is present in large quantities in India and is a much-touted stand in for uranium in nuclear reactors because its fission is not self-sustaining, a type of reaction called “sub-critical.””

Sony Tablet P Breaks Ground In Tablet Design

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Today, Sony will announce its entry into the tablet market by unveiling two tablets – Sony S and Sony P. The specifications available for the two models till now is as follows:

Specs Tablet S Tablet P
Screen size 9.4″ 2x 5.5″
Resolution 1280×800 N/A
Processor NVIDIA Tegra 2 @ 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 @ 1GHz
Memory 1GB 1GB (?)
Storage 16GB or 32GB 4GB
Ports Headphone, micro-USB, SD card slot Micro-USB, SD card slot
Camera 5MP rear + VGA front-facing 5MP rear + VGA front-facing
Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 (?), 4G
Battery 5000mAh 3080mAh
Weight 1.33lb 0.83lb
Price $499 (16GB) and $599 (32GB) N/A

However, Sony has veered out of the well-beaten path of tablet designs with its Sony P, featuring a radical structure which can be folded down the middle with two screens on the two halves.

“The P features two 5.5” high quality TruBlack capacitive touch screen displays with vibrant colors and high contrasts. The compact size and the elegant clamshell form factor allows users to easily carry it in their (large) pockets. The P gets the latest version of Android – that is, 3.2 Honeycomb.”

Creating Fuel Out Of Old Newspapers

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Tulane scientists have found a way to convert newspaper and other plant based materials into car fuel

” Tulane University scientists have discovered a novel bacterial strain, dubbed “TU-103,” that can use paper to produce butanol, a biofuel that can serve as a substitute for gasoline. They are currently experimenting with old editions of the Times Picayune newspaper with great success.

TU-103 is the first bacterial strain from nature that produces 
butanol directly from cellulose, an organic compound.

“Cellulose is found in all green plants, and is the most abundant organic material on earth, and converting it into butanol is the dream of many,” said Harshad Velankar, a postdoctoral fellow in David Mullin’s lab in Tulane’s Department of Cell and Molecular Biology.  “In the United States alone, at least 323 million tons of cellulosic materials that could be used to produce butanol are thrown out each year.”

Six Innovative Ways Of Purifying Water

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“With 3.575 million people dying each year from water-related disease, our current water crisis is one of epic proportions.

At any given time, half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by those suffering from illness brought on by limited access to safe drinking water, poor hygiene and sanitation.

Granted these harrowing realities plaguing our society, it’s imperative that designers, inventors, engineers and visionaries do what they can to find a solution.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of innovation on tap – read on for six water purifying designs for the developing world!”

Make A Laptop Out Of Your iPad

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“The iPad’s a joy for reading, but you’re screwed for writing anything longer than: “rad man, I’ll see u ther. Excuse my brevity and any typos but touchscreens suck for typing, ok?” That’s why I want a ClamCase. Star Wars-style.

The ClamCase is made of hard polycarbonate which protects your iPad on all sides. As the name suggests, the case opens up just like a laptop to reveal a Bluetooth keyboard. Shazzam. Blaster-proof Laptop-iPad.

The ClamCase’s center hinge rotates 360 degrees making it a flexible stand for watching video. The case weighs 1.7 pounds—ouch!—but it does come with a lithium-ion battery which the company claims will keep your iPad going for 90 hours of use. The force is with this one indeed!”

Use Keys To Find Phone. Use Phone To Find Keys.

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“Phone, keys, wallet. Discovering that you’re missing any of these three items could easily trigger a panic attack, yet they’re all so easy to misplace. How many times have you spent twenty minutes looking for keys that were buried between the couch cushions?

The Cobra Tag may help you win that losing battle.

Acting as a Bluetooth device that attaches to your key ring and connects to your phone, it gives you the opportunity to find the missing item if it’s less than 30 feet away.

It can also send notifications when the two devices are out of range from each other. The concept sounds convenient, but how does it work in practice? Let’s find out.”

Flickr Introduces Geofencing – A New Privacy Feature

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“Previously, Flickr users were limited to turning geotags on or off for their photos, and separately limiting those photos to be visible to certain groups of contacts—two functions that happened to work together, but mostly functioned independently from each other…

Now, users can put a blanket privacy setting on photos that are tagged from a certain location. Say you often post photos that come from your living room—all of those can now automatically be categorized as Family-only because of the location attached, and without any extra effort on your part.

If you post photos from the city park, you might have Flickr mark those as public. And if you want to post salacious photos from the club for only your friends (and not mom and dad) to see, you could have all the photos with the club location automatically marked as Friends-only.”