Mozilla Dependent On Google? Really?

“Almost the entirety of Mozilla’s income — 97% of $104 million — arrives in the form of royalties from the Firefox search box, and the lion’s share (86%, $85 million) of those royalties are paid by the default search engine: Google.

In November 2011, however, Mozilla’s contract with Google will expire. It will then be renewed… or it will be allowed to lapse.

It is speculated, mostly by tech pundits, that considering the sheer amount of effort that it’s putting into shoving Chrome down our throats, it would not be in Google’s best interests to re-sign with Mozilla. After all, Chrome is one of the largest cogs in the Google machine, and Firefox is its strongest competitor.

Why should Big G continue to bolster the saurians of Mountain View when Firefox is stealing and preventing users from installing Chrome?”

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