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M-Disc: Short-Lived “Immortality”

“It was two years ago when we last wrote about Millenniata and its Millenial Disc for ultra long-term data storage of somewhere between “1,000 years” and “forever”.

If you’ll recall, it works using a “synthetic, rock-like” layer that your data is “etched” into, rather than burned onto like other writeable discs so files don’t corrupt over time.

Since then, the disc’s been given DoD certification for data retention in extreme conditions and redubbed M-Disc, while Hitachi-LG has signed on to produce drives…

We did our own little tests and found that hitting the face on a table would cause damage, which is to be expected, but we also found them to be just as easy to split as our blank Maxwell DVD-Rs. A few edge-on hits to a table or concrete was enough to let us easily pull apart the discs, rendering them unreadable.”

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