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Wi-Fi Security: Can WPA Be Cracked?

“Is your network safe? Almost all of us prefer the convenience of Wi-Fi over the hassle of a wired connection. But what does that mean for security? Our tests tell the whole story. We go from password cracking on the desktop to hacking in the cloud.

We hear about security breaches with such increasing frequency that it’s easy to assume the security world is losing its battle to protect our privacy. The idea that our information is safe is what enables so many online products and services; without it, life online would be so very different than it is today.

And yet, there are plenty of examples where someone (or a group of someones) circumvents the security that even large companies put in place, compromising our identities and shaking our confidence to the core.”

Tom’s Hardware tries to break WPA/WPA2 using CPU, GPU and even the Cloud. Were they successful? What is the most important thing that you need to do to secure your wireless connection?

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