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Dogs Can Detect Cancer On Your Breath

“Lung cancer is really hard to detect early. So some scientists in Germany put their best sniffer dogs on the task. And you won’t believe this but it totally worked.

Researchers at Schillerhoehe Hospital gathered up 220 volunteers who had lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, along with ones who were healthy.

They gathered samples by having them exhale into glass tubes filled with cotton. Then they taught the dogs (two German shepherds, one Labrador retriever and one Australian shepherd) to lie down in front of and touch samples that contained “volatile organic compounds” associated with the disease.

The dogs detected 71 out of 100 cancer patients, and identified 372 patients out of 400 who didn’t have the disease. Not only that, but they could tell the difference between lung cancer and COPD. And it didn’t matter what medications they were on, whether they had recently been smoking, or what they had recently eaten.”

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