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Windows 8 Piracy Battle To Be Fought In The Clouds

“Microsoft has battled Windows piracy for years, and to this point has only really succeeded in delaying ambitious crackers.

Eventually, a .DLL exploit is found and Windows Genuine Advantage fades sheepishly into the background. WGA might resurface later on with renewed vigor and more intrusive alerts (and even black out your wallpaper), but someone invariably finds a workaround.

Even latching on to other Microsoft products like Security Essentials, Internet Explorer, or Windows Media Player doesn’t seem to do much more than annoy.

With the latest Windows 8 build (8064) that has been delivered to Intel, it’s clear that the company is taking strides to make sure that its upcoming OS isn’t quit so easy to pirate.

For starters, the generic volume license keys that were so easily exploited during the early days of Windows 7 leaks will no longer be an option for pirates. Product keys also won’t be shipped in the prodkey.txt file included in the build packages. Instead, installers will need to retrieve a unique key from a Microsoft web page.”

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