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Get PumpTire – Never To Pump Tire

After Goodyear announced plans for its “Automatic Self-Inflating Car Tires“, this time a lesser-known San Francisco startup named PumpTire has the same plans for bicycle tires.

Here’s how they plan to get the thing done, which curiously is almost along the same line as Goodyear had planned.

Each PumpTire set consists of 3 components – a tire, a detachable valve and an inner tube. Unlike traditional tires, the PumpTire inner tube clips into the tire to enable air to pass from the tire to the tube.  When the pump is working, air moves from the atmosphere, through the valve and into the lumen surrounding the outside of the tire. From there the air is pushed into the tube. Once the desired pressure is reached, the valve senses the increase in pressure and closes the air pathway so no more air is pumped into the tire.  The system works on normal rims and does not require any special equipment or modifications.

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