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Sony Tablet P Breaks Ground In Tablet Design

Today, Sony will announce its entry into the tablet market by unveiling two tablets – Sony S and Sony P. The specifications available for the two models till now is as follows:

Specs Tablet S Tablet P
Screen size 9.4″ 2x 5.5″
Resolution 1280×800 N/A
Processor NVIDIA Tegra 2 @ 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 @ 1GHz
Memory 1GB 1GB (?)
Storage 16GB or 32GB 4GB
Ports Headphone, micro-USB, SD card slot Micro-USB, SD card slot
Camera 5MP rear + VGA front-facing 5MP rear + VGA front-facing
Connectivity WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1 (?), 4G
Battery 5000mAh 3080mAh
Weight 1.33lb 0.83lb
Price $499 (16GB) and $599 (32GB) N/A

However, Sony has veered out of the well-beaten path of tablet designs with its Sony P, featuring a radical structure which can be folded down the middle with two screens on the two halves.

“The P features two 5.5ā€ high quality TruBlack capacitive touch screen displays with vibrant colors and high contrasts. The compact size and the elegant clamshell form factor allows users to easily carry it in their (large) pockets. The P gets the latest version of Android ā€“ that is, 3.2 Honeycomb.”

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