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Windows 8 Will Feature Faster Boot, Built-In Virtualization

September 9, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

“The hibernation feature in Windows 7 copies the entire user session to the hard disk before shutting down the machine, which takes a lot of time to restore when the machine is booted. In Windows 8, the OS will flush the user session when the machine is shut down but write the kernel session to the disk, eliminating the need for it to build it from scratch, thus saving time.

With this change, all Windows 8 users should see a marked increase in booting times, but SSD users stand to benefit the most. In the demonstration video, Emily Wilson, program manager in the Kernel Platform Group, shows a Windows 8 machine going from completely powered off to fully booted up in just—wait for it—8 seconds!”



“In an interesting twist, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 8 will feature the first-rate, enterprise-echelon Hyper-V machine virtualization hypervisor.

This will mean that Windows 8 users will be able to run almost every other operating system inside a window, including Windows 7 and XP, SUSE and Red Hat Linux, and more (including Ubuntu) with a little hacking. Prior to Windows 8, Hyper-V was only available in Windows Server 2008 or as a standalone OS.

Just imagine this for a moment: you boot up into normal, running-as-root/administrator Windows 8. Once Windows 8 finishes loading, Hyper-V then boots up a virtualized instance of Windows 8 — so you have Windows 8, and another completely separate copy of Windows 8 running in a window.”

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