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Sinch: Your Headphone Cord Detangler

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

“The Sinch is not much to look at, we’ll give you that, but it is rather an interesting little thing.

Intended to keep your headphone cable a little more tidy, it’s just a couple of slender magnets encased in a rubber band with a hole punched on one end. It’s a remarkably simple design, and a surprisingly effective one, too…

The simple packaging for the Sinch doubles as an instruction manual, a few pictures showing you how to use the thing.

Spoiler alert: you stick the business end of your headphone cable in through the hole on one end, then wind the rest around your phone or player like normal, leaving the Sinch wedged in between the cable and the device.

When you’ve wrapped enough, clap one magnetic end of the thing over to the other and, hey presto, your cabled life just got a little tidier.”

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