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E-MiLi Can Make Your Phone Really Idle!

September 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

“Researchers at the University of Michigan have found a clever way to make our smartphones up to 44% more energy efficient without changing how we interact with them.

They found that when your smartphone goes into “power saving mode” it isn’t actually saving much power – it’s really just shutting its screen off.

That’s because a smartphone is coded to constantly search for a clear signal to make sure that you receive messages as quickly as possible.

The University of Michigan team found that they were able to recode this “idle mode” to slow down to 1/16 the speed normally needed to receive messages without compromising data sync times.

They call their new smartphone hardware E-MiLi — short for Energy-Minimizing Idle Listening — and it promises to make your smartphone’s battery last a whole lot longer.”

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