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Recycling Glass To Clean Groundwater Pollution

September 20, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

“Even though you might send all your used glass containers to the recycling center, only a fraction of them actually get remade into glass. A lot of glass gets shipped to China for processing and ends up being hard filler for construction projects.

Now a scientist in the UK has discovered a simple way to turn ground up glass into tobermorite – a compound that sucks up toxic materials from groundwater. In the future, your old wine bottles could become the key to cleaning up polluted waterways.

Heavy metal-contaminated land and groundwater are global problems, arising from industrial and military activities and also from the natural leaching of heavy metal-bearing minerals,

said Nichola Coleman of the University of Greenwich, the scientist responsible for the new material.

The tobermorite that Coleman has created currently has a rather slow uptake rate for toxic chemicals — it sucks up lead and cadmium — so she and her team are currently working on increasing the rate of absorption.”

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