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Staxxon Achieves Breakthrough With Vertical Folding Containers

September 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

“With one-third of Canada’s population living in south western Ontario, most carriers are challenged with surplus equipment which has to be moved out at great expense by truck or rail. Efforts to reduce costs have centred on export match back strategies and the use of boxes in domestic freight moves, which have had, at best, inconsistent results.

One interesting development, which may prove useful in cost reduction, is the Vertical Folding Container by Staxxon Technologies out of Dayton, Ohio.

Staxxon says that by retrofitting boxes with its patented technology 5 20’ containers can fit into the space of one. The company claims that the design approach honours existing IMO, ISO and CSC industry standards, and, even more critical, maintains the structural integrity of the 25 MT steel containers in use today.

Staxxon Founder and CEO, George Kochanowski says,

While others have focussed on the use of horizontal collapse methods or use composite materials in containers, Staxxon’s designs are laser focussed on the top business issues facing carriers, ports, terminal operators, and container fleet operators….” Staxxon product it claims will assist in faster vessel turns and better container and vessel utilization.

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