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Adizero f50 Gets miCoach, Becomes The First Intelligent Football Boot

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

“Last year we told you about the German company’s Adizero f50 boot, the lightest boot ever made at 164g.

Well this year, the Adizero f50 has gained a solitary gram – but has added a whole lot more. At a briefing at the stadium before the big match the director of miCoach at Adidas, Simon Drabble, described the new f50 boots as “the next generation of football innovation”.

From Drabble’s job title you’ve probably gathered the big new addition to the boot – the inclusion of miCoach, Adidas’ interactive personal training tool.

The way it is incorporated into a football boot is via a micro-chip, dubbed the miCoach Speed Cell, that fits into a slot buried beneath the sock-liner and in a position on the shoe so as to not affect performance…

The chip lets you track your performance during a match, highlighting 360-degree movement, so not just linear action as per similar setups for runners.

It collects data on your speed and distance and, when paired with the Speed Cell software, gives you a detailed breakdown of your performance including your average speed, the distance you covered, the time you spent walking, the number of sprints and so on.

It teams up with a USB dongle that operates over a wireless connection when the boots are nearby.”

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