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Why Do You See Stars When Hit On Your Head Or Face?

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“Naturally, it starts with your brain.

A little set up: The part of the brain that handles what you see is called the occipital lobe,; it’s located at the back of your head. Its job is to take the information sent from the retina and turn it into something that makes sense to you.

So before you know that the thing in front of you is actually your cat chewing on a power cord, your retina has to take the observable light, convert it first into a chemical signal, and then into an electrical impulse, before sending back to you brain for interpretation.

The occipital lobe will then say, yup, based on this information, that’s your cat trying to off himself. You get the idea: Your eyes and your brain work together to understand what’s in front of you.

Your brain reads other types of stimulation, too. Robert Wade Crow, an assistant clinical professor of neuro-ophthalmology at UC Irvine explains, “If you irritate the brain, it may create a response like it’s normally used to creating, which is, in this case, a visual response.”

Poking the occipital lobe can make it cry vision. The thing is, the response is not anchored to anything, so instead of seeing floating suicidal cats or baseballs speckling your vision when the occipital lobe is bumped, you just see light.”

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