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All You Need To Know About The iPhone 4S and iOS 5 Announced Today

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Make Yourself a Home Network Storage Server

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“I was recently “voluntold” to clean up several years’ worth of accumulated computer parts in my GeekCorner of the basement. I was generally fine with this, since even I had to admit that things had gotten a little out of hand over time.

The cleanup took a lot longer than I expected, but the resulting local decrease in entropy down there is definitely an improvement. And since most of the bits and pieces were intended for use in various long-neglected projects, getting rid of that stuff meant I could stop feeling guilty about never getting around to starting, let alone finishing, those projects. Like Paul Graham says, your property really does own you.

One item I did save from the get-this-out-of-my-house boxes was an Epia M10000 motherboard. VIA was the pioneer in developing the mini-ITX form factor, and their boards have been extremely popular over the years with those interested in creating small form factor computers.

The Epias are noted for their low power consumption and ability to be passively cooled; consequently they make great silent PCs. I had used the Epia M10000 for a while in a previous project, but it was now idle and ripe for re-use.

I’d been meaning to put together a low-power network file server, and this seemed like a good time to finally make that happen.”

Adobe Announces Creative Cloud and Touch Suite for Tablets

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“Adobe has announced a new suite of mobile applications for content creators that will allow users to do graphical work on tablet devices like the iPad. Adobe is also launching a new Web service called Adobe Creative Cloud that can be used to sync and share content between devices.

The Adobe Touch suite consists of six tablet applications, including a photo editor, a collage toool, a Creative Suite file presenter, a vector drawing program, a social color palette manager, and software for designing wireframes.

Although the flagship mobile photo editing application is called Adobe Photoshop Touch, it’s not a fully-featured port of its namesake—it’s a lightweight tool that offers a selection of “core” Photoshop features with a finger-friendly user interface…

Alongside the new tablet applications, Adobe also announced the Creative Cloud, a hosted storage, synchronization, and sharing service for users of Adobe Touch applications or Adobe Creative Suite.

The Creative Cloud will allow content creators to easily move their work between desktop computers and mobile devices. It will also have social features and integration with Adobe’s digital publishing technologies.”

New Coating on Cloth Makes It Self-Cleaning When Exposed to Light

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Credit: Andy Fell/UC Davis

“Tossing clothes into the wash when dirty is so last year, thanks to a discovery by chemists out of the University of California at Davis. Near-ordinary cotton may simply need be exposed to light to get busy killing bacteria and breaking down toxic chemicals such as pesticide residues.

Ning Liu, a doctoral student at UC Davis, worked with textile chemists Gang Sun and Jing Zhu to develop a method that incorporates a compound (2-AQC) into cotton fabrics. When exposed to light, it produces reactive oxygen species such as hydrogen peroxide that kill bacteria and break down toxins.

While Liu says 2-AQC is more expensive than other compounds, it is difficult to remove from cotton due to strong bonding, and cheaper equivalents should work, too.”

Now Phones Can Analyze Your Bad Breath, Hunger Level and Body Fat

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“It’s been a busy year for NTT DoCoMo’s research and development division, with the company presenting a goldmine of future accessories at its CEATEC booth.

We’re not seeing anything terribly exciting in the smartphone department, beyond a wider adoption of Android, but from the battery with a 10-minute charge time that we saw yesterday to the bad breath, hunger, body fat and food analyzers that you’ll find below, there are certainly quite a few gadgets worth checking out.

We’re bundling a few of them here, so jump past the break for our hands-ons with three different health accessories (including a bad breath analyzer!) and a clever food analyzing app.”

Nanorockets Can Deliver Drugs Inside Body

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“NANOROCKETS powered by a benign rocket fuel could one day carry drugs around the body.

Nanotubes filled with rocket fuel act like missiles, propelling themselves through liquids at eye-watering speeds. But fuels such as hydrazine are toxic so can’t be used inside the body. Now the tiny rockets have been made to work with a less toxic fuel.

Samuel Sanchez and colleagues at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research in Dresden, Germany, made nanotubes by rolling platinum-coated sheets of metal into tubes with the platinum on the inside.

When the team placed the tubes in a warm, weak solution of hydrogen peroxide, the platinum catalysed the decomposition of peroxide into water and oxygen. This forced bubbles of gas out of one end of the tube, generating thrust in the opposite direction.

The result is a nanorocket that travels up to 200 times its own length per second, faster than the quickest bacteria. The team can steer the tubes using a magnetic field and control the speed by varying the temperature of the fluid.”