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Oracle Announces Plans for Java at JavaOne

The following announcements were made by Oracleabout current and future versions of Java at the annual JavaOne conference this week:

  • Availability of an early access version of JDK 7 for the Mac OS.
  • Plans to “bridge the gap” between Java ME and Java SE.
  • An approach to modularizing Java SE 8 that will rely on the Jigsaw platform.
  • A new project that aims to use HTML5 to bring Java to Apple’s iOS platform.
  • Availability of JavaFX 2.0, a pending proposal to open source that technology.
  • Gearing up Java EE for the cloud.
  • A delay in the release of Java 8.
  • Java Micro Edition (ME) will continue to target mobile devices and will “evolve” through the submission of new Java Specification Requests (JSRs) to the Java Community Process (JCP).
  • Java Standard Edition (SE) will continue to target embedded systems.
  • Plans to submit a proposal to update Java ME version’s library specifications to enable better alignment with Java Development Kit (JDK) 7. It would primarily be an upgrading of CLDC to use the language features of SE 7, but it would continue to be a subset of Java SE.
  • The Connected Device Configuration (CDC) component of Java ME, which is a HotSpot implementation that is optimized for resource-constrained devices, such as Blu-ray players and tablet PCs, will become a subset of SE enabled by project Jigsaw.
  • Availability of JavaFX 2.0, the first update of the Java user interface (UI) platform. All of the JavaFX script APIs have been converted to 100 percent Java.
  • Plans to submit a proposal to open source the JavaFX platform as a new project within the OpenJDK Community.Oracle plans to start by contributing the JavaFX UI controls and related libraries and will contribute other JavaFX components in multiple phases.”

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