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Thanks, Mostly Tech Readers!

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Terima Kasih!





This is the 1,000th post on Mostly Tech – and what you see above is the least of the different kinds of thanks I have to dole out (sorry for the languages I missed) given the amazing diversity of my e-mail subscriber readership only, spanning around 16 different countries! It feels like a microcosm of the whole world!

Started on 9th August 2009, with the universal and humble “Hello, world” post, Mostly Tech have come a long way in the last couple of years in terms of it’s content and appearance. When I started, I never even imagined that someday I will post my 1,000th one – but here I am!

Unlike most blogs – the unique “personality” of Mostly Tech is devoid of a real “person” – the blogger. That’s because I do not consider my identity as important here – I don’t even write anything original in my posts apart from the titles. But if you had been a regular reader, you would already have formed the impression of a personality based on the topics of my posts. That is me!

Mostly Tech is a mirror through which you can see a reflection of me, my interests, my high regard for science and technology, my amazement at all the ongoing researches and innovations, my occasional brush with humor, my desire to share what I like and my insatiable curiosity to know more, and more, and more…

That sharing part is a hard job though (takes at least 4 hours per day on an average) – but your interest in it makes it worthwhile! Thanks for your continued patronage – hope you will continue your visits here.

Lastly and most importantly, I would like to extend my thanks to WordPress for this rent-free prime real estate along the information highway, without which Mostly Tech could never have existed.

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